Vision+ Investment Model, Special Purposes Vehicle

From ideas to successful commercial products

The investment vehicle for products and developers in intellectual property (IPR) based industries. Real value in business is in the cash flow generated by successful products, and long term value is built on customers who are willing to pay for products and services. Therefore, investments should be targeted into products and generating cash flow.

Vision+ invests in products and receives revenue share

Vision+ has developed an unique financing model to investing in IPR industries to maximize the value to both developers as well Fund’s for investors. Vision+ funding will create an opportunity for new players to take part in the value chain and help developers to improve their share of the value chain and keep the IPR’s.

Vision+ will help product owner in marketing and branding including negotiating and advising on channel owner’s marketing effort and investments. Channel owners they are seeking collaboration with Vision+ due to risk sharing and access to wider product portfolio.

The Fund’s management team has extensive background in technology, as business angels in seed investments, entrepreneurship and the creation of successful new product, content, services and business. Members of the management team have also run development and business organizations of significant scale in global setting.

For Developers

  • Vision+ is product investment fund investing in applications, games and services on all digital platforms.
  • These include mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, Facebook,  game consoles, web and cloud, as well as PC and Mac.
  • Vision+ finances product development and marketing, also focusing on customer acquisition and cash flow creation.
  • Vision+ is a new type of investor that does not invest in equity and thus does not dilute existing shareholders.Investor return consists of royalties of the product’s cash flow.
  • Vision+ aim at long term cooperation with entrepreneurs helping them and product developers to accelerate market launch, negotiate with partners , retain their ownership and product rights, and build their own IPR portfolios.

For Investors

  • Changes in the venture capital market and industry landscape analysis combined with entrepreneurship, business angeling and traditonal VC experience created new investment model investing in products and IPRs, not companies.
  • Attractive strategic and financial returns to stakeholders. For investors steady cash flow improving IRR and mitigating need for big-time exits.
  • Fast capital circulation to invest back to business.
  • High market potential. Application market growing from EUR 12.6 billion (2011) billion to 43 billion (2014).
  • Experienced and motivated team to execute on the product investment opportunity. Team with wide investment, serial entrepreneur, creative and industrial background and extensive personal networks.

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