"We aim at long term cooperation with entrepreneurs helping them and product developers to accelerate market launch, negotiate with partners, retain their ownership and product rights, and build their own IPR portfolios."

Co-founder and Managing Partner


"Vision+ believes that real value in business is in the cash flow generated by successful products, and long term value is built on customers who are willing to pay for products and services. Therefore, investments should be targeted into products and generating cash flow."

Co-founder and Partner


"Vision+ Revenue Investment allows the development company to retain control of it's operations since there is not dilution of ownership through equity investment."

Co-founder and Partner


"In creative industries success is build on skills, knowledge and passion. People love great products and we think it is great fun and a rewarding experience to help entrepreneurs and developers to make them."

Co-founder and Partner


Mr. Jari Tuovinen, Co-founder and Partner

Jari has gained extensive M&A, transaction and investment experience throughout his career. He also has strong background as software developer, and degree-level studies in Computer Science at Tampere University of Technology and MBA studies at the Tampere University.

He was the founder of Tietovalta Ltd together with Tanu-Matti Tuominen. Tietovalta’s exit at the end of 1999 was one of the most successful among the new media companies in Finland. After that Jari has been a  private investor and corporate developer at several media and IT companies  He was also the main ownerand active board member at Privanet Capital Plc, a FSA (Financial Supervisory Agency) regulated investment bank and brokerage house. Privanet was successfully exited in 2010.  Before joining the Visionplus team, Mr. Tuovinen served four years as the CEO of Finland’s fifth largest marketing communication agency Zeeland Plc. He was responsible for the reverse-IPO of Zeeland to NASDAQ OMX Helsinki First North.

At Visionplus Mr. Tuovinen will focus on applications investments and managing them throughout their lifecycle. In addition to Visionplus, he likes motor boating, traveling and home automation programming.